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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC,                183

la Revolution, corresponding with Mercury and
Victory over the gates of the Tuileries. A few red
caps remain on the public buildings; they look
like lightning conductors. As the fleurs-de-lis have
been chipped off the public edifices, one might
imagine that Paris had been besieged and battered.

Madame Laborde has begun to dress her ser-
vants in livery. M. Koenig, Swedish secretary,
has orders from his Court to solicit for Sir
Sidney's release. I fear it is a coup d'epee dans

I went to the ball at PHotel de Marboeuf, to
which Lyc6e I am a subscriber. It was crowded.
Carnot's wife was there, but there was no dis-
tinction whatever paid to her, or particular notice
taken of her.

February 15^, 1797.

I have received all yours; but if I had " Tris-
tram" here, I would copy out Bishop Ernulphus's
excommunication and pronounce it upon Mrs.
Talbot's Justinia, the brother-in-law and the poor
old creature—all beings I have not the slightest
idea of. I am quite sick of them; and the devil
will have it that my man's name is Talbot; so I